Saturday, 14 May 2016

Child Abuse

The end is near, as read and said,
Yet many fail with activities insane.
Instead of loving children with no shame,
They cane to train the young bad games.

Gift from God, our father above,
Fresh and clean, children they are,
Fabulous, marvelous looks they have,
Morals to be taught, respect to God.

It becomes abuse; and as a parent, failure,
Once temptations leads to sorrows,
Wails of pain due to bane of family distractions,
That comes from Lucifer, the devil himself.

By Eric Mburu

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Fear not

We should feel safe; we already are,
But it never happens; our thoughts are far.
We should feel free, because of the past,
But we live in search, as if it’s a must.

We are not cursed, but that’s how we live,
Being comfortable is just a dream.
We want more, always in need,
Promoting sins by performing wrong deeds.

Fear not, because of His love,
And ‘The Word’ that leads us to the right path.
Being saved, we should rejoice;
Jump up and down, praise the Lord.

By Eric Mburu

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Continuously Curious

What do I want, what do I need?
Why do I feel like I still deserve you?
What can’t I see, yet close to me?
Why is this will being hard to find?

What does it seem to be and mean?
Why does it change all that’s within?
With scenes not different, one and the same,
From past events, that keeps haunting me down.

Explanation I search for; can’t understand with my mind,
Am I the one to blame, always filled with shame?
Continuously curious, more questions pop up,
Because no answers drive in, I’m left in blank spots.

By Eric Mburu

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Yes I am

I reject her voice, “No you can’t!”
And believe my thoughts, “Yes I am!”
A snail with no legs can move, who am I not to prove?
All I know, “Everything is possible.”

I succeeded to get a being, I will achieve things,
She is mine, why not money?
By being a cautious King of what I think,
All my days will be sunny, other than funny.

Don’t water cement, where a garden can’t grow,
Doesn’t mean don’t try anything,
Cos you won’t succeed but bleed,
In need to feed yourself with nothing built.
By Eric Mburu

Saturday, 16 January 2016

New beginning

It’s a new beginning,
A prescription for past events.
Insanity bulging from anxious pain,
To be decreased, released; and extinguished.

Within these new days, I should discover new ways,
To live, survive and prosper,
With no weakness that adds more regrets;
But forte strength to obtain pleasure.

Should believe in oneself,
To delete fear; not behave weird,
Regain confidence and live having performed,
For everyone has their own fate.
By Eric Mburu

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Love is not just courtesy

Over the past years,
One is you and me,
Let no man put asunder,
Love is not just courtesy.

Mere tears and fear within us,
Is attacked by the other one of us,
Let no man put asunder,
Love is not just courtesy.

Feelings explode and erupt,
Negative, positive; yet all the time,
Let no man put asunder,
Love is not just courtesy.

We fall, get up; and move on,
As one, with help; and stronger,
Let no man put asunder,
Love is not just courtesy.

If it truly is, it really is,
What if it’s not?
Let no man put asunder,
Love is not just courtesy.
By Eric Mburu